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Meet the cast of Judas Kiss. You can also learn about the crew.

Lead Roles

ZACHARY WELLS (Charlie David), 38, is a once-promising filmmaker, whose addictions have reduced him to shooting wedding videos. He gets a break when asked to return to Keystone University to judge its annual film festival. Handsome, stubborn, sarcastic and manipulative, Zach isn’t above cheating to get his way. Portrayed by Charlie David (Dante’s Cove, Mulligans and Logo’s travel series Bump). Learn more about Charlie.

DANNY REYES (Richard Harmon), 20, is a college sophomore at Keystone’s film school. He is good-looking, smart and charming despite growing up in a troubled home. His short film, “Judas Kiss,” is his last hope to finally escape his past, but his chances are imperiled by an ill-advised one-night stand. Portrayed by Richard Harmon (Caprica, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief). Learn more about Richard.

Supporting Roles

OLD MAN WELDS (Dale Bowers) 70, is an inscrutable volunteer at Keystone who seems to know Zach’s every move before Zach does. Welds is a cranky chain smoker who appears to be orchestrating Zach’s campus visit for some personal gain known only to the old man himself.

MRS. BLOSSOM (Laura Kenny), 50s, is the dean of the Keystone film school, an efficient administrator who manages to be direct and obtuse at the same time. Much like Welds, she seems to have an understanding of destiny that escapes both Zach and Danny, though she seems to hold their best interests at heart.

ABBEY PARK (Julia Morizawa), 20, is a beautiful, snarky Asian girl with flaming red hair who is Danny’s unflagging best friend. Full of life, and cynicism aside, she can always cheer him up. Learn more about Julia.

CHRIS WACHOWSKY (Brent Corrigan), 21, won the scholarship last year that Danny seeks this year. He has a crush on Danny, but keeps his distance because of Shane Lyons, the Big Man on Campus with some hold over the talented Chris. Chris has chemistry with Danny but can’t seem to woo the younger filmmaker away from Shane. Portrayed by Brent Corrigan (Milk, Another Gay Sequel). Learn more about Brent.

SHANE LYONS (Timo Descamps), 22, is a music student with a promising career, in no small part due to his powerful parents. Between their wealth and influence and his devastating self-confidence, Shane has the entire student body twisted around his little finger. He’s used to getting his way, and Danny is his next conquest. You may not like him, but you can’t take your eyes off him. Portrayed by Timo Descamps (How to Train Your Dragon, Belgium; SpangaS, Dutch TV). Learn more about Timo.

DANIEL REYES Sr. (Vince Valenzuela), 65, is Danny’s father. There’s bad blood between them, and Daniel Sr. has a powerful hold over his son — something Danny wants to escape at all costs. Daniel Sr. threatens to cut off Danny’s college tuition if the boy submits his short film, “Judas Kiss,” to the festival’s scholarship competition. Full of manipulative anger, Daniel Sr.’s calm manner belies his darker nature.

REBECCA LYNN (Samantha Rund), 35, is a Hollywood filmmaker sitting on the festival jury with Zach. Lively and effervescent, she also knows a bit about Zach’s dark past.

RALPH GARLINGTON (Ron Boyd), 40, is a famous Hollywood cinematographer who is judging the film and scholarship competition at the Keystone University Film Festival. He and Zach don’t get along very well. Portrayed by Ron Boyd (Star Trek: Phase II, Corner Gas). Learn more about Ron.

TOPHER SHADOE (Troy Fischnaller), 39, is a Keystone graduate and superstar Hollywood director who’s made his name with a string of successful action films. He is Zach’s best friend and confidante. Before he plans to go to Spain to shoot his next film, Blood and Barcelona, he hands off his film festival jury duties to Zach.

FATHER (Dennis Bateman) is a role in Danny’s short film, Judas Kiss, that appears within the film. JUDE (Matt Smith) is the son in the short film.

KIMBERLY REYES (Ronee Collins) is Daniel Sr.’s wife and the mother of YOUNG DANNY REYES (Iain Dunn).

MR. AND MRS. LYONS (Eric Helland, Stephanie Hillbert) are the wealthy and influential parents of Shane. They are big donors to Keystone Summit University.

Featured Roles

SAMANTHA (Genevieve Buechner), early 20s, is Shane Lyons’ righthand girl, always there to do his bidding. Portrayed by Genevieve Buechner, best known for her role as Tamara Adama in the hit Syfy series, Caprica. Learn more about Genevieve.

NATE (Julian LeBlanc), early 20s, is a Hollywood model-actor who caught Zach’s eye. Portrayed by Julian LeBlanc, the Canadian entertainment blogger Gossip Boy. Learn more about Julian.

TOMMY (Tim Foutch), is a film student at Keystone competing with Danny for a scholarship. Portrayed by Tim Foutch (Star Trek: Odyssey, Tim the Intern in the Judas Kiss podcasts). Learn more about Tim.

Tessa Archer, Demetrius Sager, Joe Royal and Michael Carpenter also appear as KEYSTONE STUDENTS.

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