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‘Amazing, Deep, Insightful’ – EDGE Network Review

ONE OF Judas Kiss‘ best reviews appeared on the EDGE Network this week, calling the film “amazingly well-made [with] great acting, including Brent Corrigan’s first major acting role, great editing, and an interesting plot.”

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The review, written by Christian Cintron, highlights Judas Kiss as a “deep, insightful film” that refuses to follow “the typical formula of sex scene, bad dialogue, sex scene. In the end, it turns you on mentally as well as physically.” He goes on to observe:

Judas Kiss … explores some of the shadows we run from as gay men and the toxic and self-destructive decisions we make. … It also offers a different take on the cliché time travel idea of “If I could only go back” by positing that sometimes we need to turn and face consequences rather than run from our past. It’s an entertaining film that makes you think.

Cintron also singles out the acting by Charlie David (“substance, depth and real drama”), Richard Harmon (“haunting”), Brent Corrigan (“amazing … coy, innocent and deliciously dorky”), and the comic relief offered by Julia Morizawa as Abbey Park.

EDGE’s Judas Kiss review is part of the site’s series on films screening at QFest in Phildelphia. The series runs on all the EDGE sites across the country. EDGE is the largest network of local Gay, Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) news and entertainment portals in the world, serving half a million readers in 20 metropolitan areas around the United States and beyond.

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